Commercial Marine Searchlights

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Commercial Marine Applications

The Commercial Marine Market is where Carlisle & Finch first got its start.  Over 120 years ago, Robert S. Finch pioneered the development of Carbon Arc Searchlight Technology, which  replaced Kerosene Lanterns on the “Mark Twain Paddlewheel Boats”, that sailed the Ohio and Mississippi Rivers.  Over the many decades since, Carlisle & Finch has shipped tens of thousands of commercial marine searchlights throughout the world, and remains the standard in many of the following markets:

  Inland Waterways (Towboats, Tugboats, Passenger Vessels, Dredges, etc.)

  Great Lakes Regions (Tankers, Tugboats, Ice Breakers, etc.)

  Harbors and Coastal Regions (Tugboats, Pilot Boats, Ferry Boats, etc.)

  Offshore Oil Industry (Offshore Supply Vessels, Drill Vessels, OSPV’s, etc.)

  Deep Water Vessels (Freighters, Cruise Ships, RORO Vessels, etc.)

Just as Carlisle & Finch pioneered Carbon Arc Searchlight Technology in the late 1800’s, and later Xenon Arc Technology in the 1900’s, Carlisle & Finch is now creating innovative product designs utilizing energy-efficient LED technology.

The LED “Hybrid” Design Although the development of LED technology has made great strides in recent years, it still cannot compete with the long distances serviced by Halogen and Xenon Searchlights, and therefore cannot yet replace them.  However, these traditional light sources (Xenon and Halogen) produce narrower beams, which have difficulty servicing wider areas, at closer range to the vessel.  By adding auxiliary LED Modules to Xenon and Halogen Searchlights, an innovative “Hybrid Design” is created, which allows a single product to utilize the strengths of multiple lighting technologies, on demand!

The LED Modules direct a powerful “Wall of Light”, 230 meters long and 150 Meters wide, which is critical for “Search and Rescue”, “Docking”, “Seeing Workers at Night”, “Barge Handling”, “Perimeter Security around Vessel”, “Vessel Interdiction”,   etc.  And of course, the Halogen and Xenon Beam will project a beam thousands of meters instantly, on demand.  Therefore, the LED “Hybrid” Searchlight, combines the strengths and advantages of multiple lighting technologies, into one flexible product.  This optional LED “Hybrid” Feature, can be used on almost every searchlight manufactured by Carlisle & Finch!

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